A Story of Local Heroes

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 17.16.46

British Army Veteran Albert Telling His Story.

Interviews Inspire the Armed Forces Sculpture Trail

All this week, retired and serving members of the armed forces from the local community have been arriving at Titus Salt School to share their experiences, and the issues that they faced, with sixth form pupils. The pupils have been trained to conduct the interviews, under the expert guidance and supervision of Tracy Craggs, a professional consultant, and Heather Graham, the school’s community projects manager.


Albert – A Local Hero

Today, Albert (96 years old) spoke about his life in the British Army, and what it was like to land on the beaches at Normandy, which he described as a deadly and nightmarish situation. Albert, who gained the honour of a mention in dispatches, told a remarkable story that visibly moved everyone.

IMG_0862Cllr Ian Lyons, recording the interview, said “He is a true local hero, and I’m very grateful to have heard his story. We have some incredible people in our community, and it is an honour to demonstrate our long and deep connection with the Armed Forces.”

A wide variety of contributions are being made to the project this week from serving and retired personnel, from men and women, and from all three services. Once the interviews are completed, the recordings will be used to inspire artwork for the sculpture trail, and will be archived with the national library.


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